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"The Vaughan family is of Welsh origin, although explicit details are unknown.  Hundreds of years ago they migrated to England, and it was from there that the first of our family sailed to the New World.  According to family tradition the first member of our family arrived in Virginia around 1630, although the Vaughan's have played a part in the history of the U. S. from the very earliest times.  A member of the very first colony sent to Virginia was a Captain Vaughan.  This was the Roanoke Colony established on that island in 1597.  Its members had all disappeared when the supply ships returned two years later, leaving behind the dismal sign reading "Roanoke".

The family has been traced to William Vaughan who was born about 1730 In Virginia.  As noted elsewhere, his father is said to be John Vaughan, born about 1690, and "of King George County, Virginia".  No one has been able to prove this although evidence points to its truth; for this reason, John is shown as the oldest known American generation of the family.  If this is true, and if the first Vaughan arrived on these shores around 1630 then there are still about sixty years unaccounted for.  Because of the paucity of records, combined with lack of research these earliest years and earliest family members remain unknown.
The name Vaughan is a Welsh name also an Irish name.
Old Welsh for: "small in stature".
Variations: Vaughn, Vaun(s), Vaune, Voughn,  Vaughen,
Vaugham,  Vaghan, Vaham,  Vawghan,  Vawghon, and

Dear Family Members,                                                                                          07/28/2010
Through a great deal of research and a lot of help from fellow family members we have been able to add a great deal more information to our family tree. We have recently been able to trace back one more generation to Jas E. Vaughan in 1819. As you can see a lot of information is still missing and we are updating as we gather more. Any information you may provide for the current or past generations will be most helpful.
At this time most all my information is from Family Bible records, census records, and the memory of other family members. Please forgive any errors you may find and let me know and they will be corrected as we progress.
Working on this record gives me great pleasure as it gives me a chance to recall many treasured memories of our family before we all drifted so far apart, and I hope it will give the next generation good archive to build on.
With lots of love,
Richard and Luvenia Vaughan Sr.                                     
PS: I am now 73  years young and semiretired with more time to work on our family records please feel free to contact me with any updates, pictures, or suggestions.

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